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Al parecer hay usuarios que están experimentando problemas de conexión con la versión 3.0.11 del cliente que han sacado ayer, de momento han puesto a disposición una Pre-Release corrigiendo el posible bug.

Descarga el hotfix ( que han sacado hoy (pongo enlaces debajo).

Nuevo cliente
Windows 32 bits: http://ftp.4players.de/pub/hosted/ts3/releases/pre_releases/client/TeamSpeak3-Client-win32-
Windows 64 bits: http://ftp.4players.de/pub/hosted/ts3/releases/pre_releases/client/TeamSpeak3-Client-win64-
Linux 32 bits: http://ftp.4players.de/pub/hosted/ts3/releases/pre_releases/client/TeamSpeak3-Client-linux_x86-
Linux 64 bits: http://ftp.4players.de/pub/hosted/ts3/releases/pre_releases/client/TeamSpeak3-Client-linux_amd64-
MAC: http://ftp.4players.de/pub/hosted/ts3/releases/pre_releases/client/TeamSpeak3-Client-macosx-

Noticia oficial
[PreRelease] TeamSpeak 3 Client Hotfix

    Hello all,

    we are getting user reports about the latest TeamSpeak 3.0.11 Client crashing on startup. Thanks to everyone who took the efforts to upload us crashdumps.
    The problem with this specific crash is, we cannot reproduce it on our own computers. Also it didn't appear to have happened to our beta testers, otherwise I'm sure we would have been told. So some other factor like input hardware (crash happens in the hotkey code) is required to trigger this specific crash. It appears the majority of users is not affected.

    We have hopefully fixed the issue but are unable to verify the fix as the crash didn't happen on our own systems. So I'd very much appreciate if people who posted in our crash dumps thread take the chance to test the hotfix preview.

    You find the installers here: http://ftp.4players.de/pub/hosted/ts3/releases/pre_releases/client/

    Why do we not just release a new beta client, you may ask now. Our update mirrors are currently extremely busy with the 3.0.11 update, late afternoon is a bad time for a new release. We will push this to beta channel soon in the morning, for the moment I want to offer you a chance to try the fix as soon as possible if you are affected.

    Thanks again for taking your time to assist us with your reports.

Un saludo.


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